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You can contact SkillShow to schedule or get pricing for individual or group filming sessions or game filmings at 833-NEED-VID or

If you are an Event Organizer and wish to include video services into your event, please contact us at

The SkillShow advantage

SkillShow is an expert in sports videography. Our core specialty of producing high quality video for amateur athletes & events has enabled us to dominate the market as a vendor and partner to some of the top organizations, schools & travel teams in the country.

Video is our premium service & expertise. It is one of the most valuable forms of information in scouting & college recruiting. Lack of a professional demo reel can delay or even destroy an athlete's career! SkillShow's video services provide brilliant solutions to individuals, teams, and event organizers to assist with filming, editing, and distributing videos via the digital download.

Video Services offered by SkillShow:

  • Professional Editing Services (of home videos & game films for individuals & teams)
  • Game Films (for individuals, groups, teams, or coaches)
  • Skills Videos (for individuals, groups, or teams)
  • Scouting Videos (for contracted professional sports teams)
  • Event filming (games, showcases, tournaments, camps, and combines)
  • Custom filming (instructional, interviews, highlight/banquet videos)

SkillShow partners with events nationwide to bring video services to athletic showcases, tournaments, combines, camps, and more! Products and pricing vary per event but often include personal skills videos, game films, and 'shadow box editing' from game films.

SkillShow Video Services

SkillShow offers filming and editings services for individuals, groups, team and events that ready to get to the next level.

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