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What do I get with my SkillShow Premium Video?

SkillShow Premium Videos typically include a player introduction, multiple camera angles of your primary position defensive skills, multiple angles of batting practice and your 60 yard dash.

  • Multiple camera angles enable coaches to see your athleticism, mechanics, arm strength, footwork, and projectability.
  • Your best reps from each camera angle are shown in real time as well as slow motion
  • Premium Videos are approximately 3 minutes in length however you can add additional positions if you wish.

Where does my SkillShow Premium Video get posted?

You will receive a digital copy of your video via email to download for your own use. Perfect Game players will also have their video posted on their PG Profile Page.

When will I receive my SkillShow Premium Video?

Our videos usually take about 4 weeks to edit. However, 1-week rush edits are available.

Will you be filming players during the games?

No, there are too many variables during games to make a quality skills video. Coaches prefer a ‘pro-style’ workout to evaluate a player’s skills. We do film pitchers while games are taking place, however, we film in between innings.

Can I request edits to my SkillShow Premium Video?

Yes. You will have up to one week to review your video and request further changes if needed.

Why is video important in the recruiting process?

A coach has to see your skills in order to determine if you can play at his level! A resume alone will not give him an opportunity to evaluate your projectability as an athlete. Your video is your resume, you want to make sure it makes an immediate and positive impression to the coaches you are sending it to! Many times your video is your first and only way to get in front of the schools that you are interested in attending! A properly filmed video has become a vital tool for coaches to evaluate players.

At what age should I start sending video to college coaches and scouts?

You can never start too early! College coaches are always looking ahead knowing what they’ll need in future years. The earlier you can get on a coach’s radar, the better! In years past, the recruiting process didn’t really begin until a player was entering his senior year in High School, now verbal commitments are being offered and accepted by HS sophomores and even freshman across the country.

How often should I update my video?

At least once a year OR any time you feel like your game has changed… if you have gotten bigger, stronger, faster, or have improved your mechanics since your last video.

I’ve been told not to send an unsolicited video to a coach. Is that correct?

That is WRONG! Coaches are constantly in a recruiting mode. Just think about it for a moment… A college team is turning over 5 - 10 players every year. Some leave for graduation, some from injuries other still leave early due to the draft and some may just leave due to lack of playing time or desire. In any event, a coach has to have a database of players in his recruitment bucket to keep his team whole each year. Video is a great way to get on a coach’s recruiting radar screen and makes it easy for them to keep coming back to see your skills. In fact, coaches prefer to see a video when a player contacts him.

An Ivy League Coach had this to say about recruiting videos:

  • “If you have not done so already, I strongly urge you to send your academic information and most importantly, a recruiting video to me (via email) if that is available. With so many potential recruits, those videos are the means by which we determine which recruits to actively go out and see play during those gaps of times between events.”

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